Mobile on runners
Mobile on tracks

VORTEX has a set product range that includes a number of different rotor crushers.  This means that many models are available at short notice, even if they are out of stock. 

And this applies regardless of whether you need a new crusher, to optimise an existing system or to find a more efficient production method than before. Find the best solution with VORTEX.

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Fourteen varieties guarantee the perfect solution for your task. The concept of VORTEX rotor crushers is generally identical for all machines. 

In addition to the broad choice of

  • stationary VORTEX rotor crushers, the product range includes
  • VORTEX rotor crushers that can be moved on runners and
  • an automotive variant that moves on tracks. 

Feed sizes 

The maximum edge length of the feed material is between

  • 200 mm for the "smallest" VORTEX 9-5 and
  • 800 mm for the "largest" VORTEX 11-15C.

Throughput capacities

These depend on the feeder material and are

  • up to 80 t/h for the "smallest" VORTEX 9-5
  • up to 500 t/h for the "largest" VORTEX 11-15C.


The various models differ in terms of:

  • Intake width between 780 and 1530 mm
  • Intake height between 450 and 1100 mm
  • Rotor diameter between 905 and 1100 mm
  • Rotor axle width  between 750 and 1500 mm
  • Drive capacity   between 60 and 500 kW


The complete directory of all available VORTEX rotor crushers and the technical data for each one is available to download HERE.

VORTEX Grain Master:
the VORTEX control system for maximum efficiency

The customised computer control system VORTEX Grain Master can save different operating conditions and workflows and make them available in a matter of seconds. It is quick and easy to select the formula that you require using a membrane keyboard. The crushing tools are adjusted hydraulically by the computer control system.

All information subject to change. Changes may be made with no notice.