In every aspect of crushing, from extraction to processing, efficiency is the number one priority. Every VORTEX rotor crusher impresses with its ability to deliver outstanding results with minimum time and energy expenditure. The reason for this is the unique 3-in-1 concept that underpins each and every VORTEX rotor crusher. The huge number of VORTEX rotor crushers that are currently in use speaks for itself.

The 3-in-1 concept in detail
VORTEX rotor crushers combine the advantages of jaw crushers, impact crushers, and grinders.

The average jaw crusher...

is a specialist in particularly hard types of stone and bites through them. However, the degree of crushing is rather low, as is the cubicity of the end grain, because of the construction design.
The analysis values are weak.

VORTEX rotor crushers can cope with even the hardest of rocks and stones, whilst still achieving a high degree of efficiency, outstanding cubicity, and excellent grading curves.

The average impact crusher...

has a rotating crushing tool that ensures a high energy input in a very short time. It produces a good, cubic grain with a variable sand content.

VORTEX rotor crushers include the benefits of the rotary crushing tools but are constructed in such a way that they can also cope with the hardest rocks and with variations in the feed material.

The average impact mill...

also uses a rotating crushing tool. This is generally the technology of choice for creating sand and high-quality chippings. However, impact mills are less flexible when it comes to the feed size.

VORTEX rotor crushers can also be used effectively in this field. The relationship between the feed size and the minimum granulation that is required is something completely new, even for experienced professionals. And as far as the crushing rate is concerned, VORTEX rotor crushers are almost untouchable.

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